The Third Life of Eddie Mann

Act I


                                 EDDIE is standing out on the ledge looking down. Several seconds pass. ANGEL sticks his head out                                       the window.

ANGEL:        Hello there.

EDDIE:         Don’t come out here.

ANGEL:        Why would I do that?

EDDIE:         I mean it! Stay back.

ANGEL:        Okay, okay. Is everything alright?

EDDIE:         Oh sure, everything’s peachy.

ANGEL:        It is?

EDDIE:         Couldn’t be better.

ANGEL:        Really? You look jumpy.

EDDIE:         Excuse me?

ANGEL:        You seem on edge. Why are you on this side of the building? The good view is on the other side. This just                                looks over the parking lot; unless you really like cars. Do you really like cars?

EDDIE:         Are you trying to distract me?

ANGEL:        Do you want me to distract you?

EDDIE:         Are you new at this?

ANGEL:        Are you?

EDDIE:         Is one of us going to answer a question rather than ask it?

ANGEL:        I don’t know; are we?

EDDIE:         Knock it off.

ANGEL:        You really shouldn’t be out here. It’s not safe. You could fall.

EDDIE:         That’s kinda the idea, pal.

ANGEL:        Oh, I see.

EDDIE:         That’s right – and nothing you say will stop me.

ANGEL:        A man of conviction; I like that.

EDDIE:         Don’t even try to talk me down.

ANGEL:        Again, why would I do that?

EDDIE:         Because they always send someone to talk people down. Well it won’t work. Anything you say will fall on deaf                       ears. You got that?

ANGEL:        Deaf ears – I got it.

EDDIE:         Good, because you can’t change my mind.

ANGEL:        I wouldn’t dream of trying. I have too much respect for you to do that.

                              EDDIE just looks at ANGEL.

ANGEL:        I know what you’re thinking.

EDDIE:         I doubt that.

ANGEL:        You’re thinking that sounds strange, seeing as we just met. But I think strangers ought to extend the same                              level of respect as long-time friends. I mean, isn’t that what’s wrong with the world? I know it’s not much,                                but I figure if I start to show respect for people I’ve just met, it might catch on, and maybe this world will be                              a better place. So I respect your decision and I won’t try to stop you.

EDDIE:         Oh … well, good. Thank you.

ANGEL:        You’re welcome.

                             There is a short silence, during which ANGEL checks his watch.

ANGEL:        Well?

                                                                                  Copyright © John Spurway 2021