A Mother’s Will

Synopsis: Estranged brothers Dallas and Don are summoned to a lawyer’s office to discuss their mother’s will. In order to be included in it, she tells them they must reconcile their differences, and leaves them to sort it all out. They are stuck between wanting – or needing – the money and having to face the events that tore them apart. When they finally relent, the truth behind what happened is revealed, which is followed by an even bigger, more emotional truth that has a much greater effect on them both.Note: A Mother’s Will was one of two winners in the Notable Acts Festival in the summer of 2013.

Cast: 3M/1F

Selected Scene

Playwright’s Notes: Two brothers raised the same way in the same house can be completely different from each other. Don and Dallas prove that. Their mother Kitt knows it, too, but she is not prepared to let their differences divide them, and resorts to bribery to try to get them to reconcile. To me, A Mother’s Will exemplifies the strength of the bond between a mother and her boys.


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