Dramatic Comedy – After four years away, Jessie lands unannounced at her father’s front door. She’s decided to start a new chapter in her life, but is not quite sure what he’ll think of her decision. But first, he has news of his own. In the process of coming to grips with their respective plans, the truth surrounding events of the past is revealed. A touching and poignant reconciliation of a father and his daughter.

Cast: 1M/1F

First production: Lighthouse Festival Theatre


Selected Scene

Playwright’s Notes: I think being a parent is a bit like being the boss; it looks a lot easier from the chair in front of the desk. Still, as tough as it is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s the most rewarding, frustrating, satisfying and exhausting thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been lucky in that I have shared that responsibility with someone who feels the same way. In Jessie’s Landing, Harold has had to cope alone. He’s thrilled to have Jessie back home after almost four years away, but because of why she left, they have fences to mend. Their path to reconciliation is littered with familiar things – piles of laundry, old boyfriends and new girlfriends, uncomfortable discussions about sex, and more – things we’ve all dealt with, from one side of the desk or the other. 

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