One Act Comedy – Eddie Mann’s first life was as a teacher, which he loved. He retired after 31 years and decided to become a financial advisor, which he hated. That was his second life. We come across Eddie standing on the ledge of the sixth floor of St. Vincent’s Hospital, freshly fired by his only client and entertaining the notion of making a very quick trip to the parking lot. Along comes a quirky passerby who calls himself Angel. After an even quirkier conversation, Eddie makes a big decision.

Cast: 3M

Selected Scene

Review by Lynn Slotkin

View the promotional video from the July 2021 World Premiere production from Theatre Orangeville 

Playwright’s Notes: Sometimes, when things seem the bleakest, you get a lift from completely unexpected sources. For Eddie Mann, it was from an odd fellow who stuck his head out the window. Who is this guy? And why does he care? And why is he rambling on about baseball and watches and the afterlife? The Third Life of Eddie Mann only asks these questions. The answers are up to you.

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