Comedy: Dunc left a good job in town to find himself. He found Sophie, and within a month, they were married. Bill and Wally visit for the first time, expecting things to be much as they were back when the three of them hung out. But they find Dunc has changed. Love, marriage, growing maturity and the passage of time have brought changes that will take some getting used to… by everyone.

Sophie sees things in Dunc’s past she didn’t know. Bill and Wally can’t get used to the new tofu-eating, tea-drinking Dunc. And Dunc is stuck in the middle trying to make everyone happy.Is there a compromise? Can old friendships survive these changes? And is the secret Sophie is hiding too much? A funny, moving portrait of reunion and growth that hits close to home.

Cast: 3M/2F

First production: Lighthouse Festival Theatre


Selected Scene

Playwright’s Notes:  Years ago, I was part of a group of guys that visited a friend who had moved to another province. What we expected was beer, lots of lively banter, and beer. What we got was far different. The fellow’s wife was to have been away that weekend, but decided to stick around. It really changed the dynamics of the trip. It made me wonder, what happens to a group of friends when one of them makes some major changes to his life? Between Friends looks at how changes to one person can change the dynamics of the whole group.

This play is dear to me as it was my first. I learned a lot about playwriting in the production of Between Friends, and probably a little about myself. I also learned that I have some damned good friends.


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