Comedy: The lives of five complete strangers intersect in the cold, impersonal departure lounge of a large international airport. A weather delay forces the stranded passengers to acknowledge and eventually interact with their fellow travelers.

By the time the weather clears and they can all continue to their destinations, hidden truths will have been revealed with a few surprises as we learn that some of them are not who we thought they were.

Cast: 2M/3F

First production: Lighthouse Festival Theatre


Selected Scene

Playwright’s Notes: Each of us has a story – our past, our burdens, our hopes for the future. Our story is what makes us unique. Friends and lovers take time to learn each other’s stories. It is a leisurely and fun process that can take years. But it is the circumstance of being grounded by weather that reveals the stories of these five people in just a couple of hours. By the time the flight is ready to leave, are these people any different than the ones who arrived two hours earlier, or do we just see them differently because we know their stories? Many of my first impressions have been wrong. I’ve often been grateful for that. It’s always nice to find a friend in someone you thought might be otherwise. The fact is, there is always more to someone than first meets the eye.


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